The Scribner Library of Modern Europe: Since 1914 (5 volumes)

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The Scribner Library of Modern Europe: Since 1914 (5 volumes)
Название: The Scribner Library of Modern Europe: Since 1914 (5 volumes)
Автор: John Merriman
Издательство: Charles Scribners & Sons
Год: 2006
ISBN: 0684313650
Страниц: 2500
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 66,2 MB

This set presents Europe’s major historical events between 1914 and 2005 and explores the political, military, social, cultural, and technological transformations of this period. Additionally, the encyclopedia examines Europe’s global influence and European unification. Edited by two professors of history at Yale University, it is the companion to Europe 1789 to 1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire (2006). In addition to the main text, the encyclopedia contains other useful features. For example, volume 1 opens with a seven-page introductory essay that provides a snapshot of Europe’s post-1914 history. Volume_1 also contains a chronology of important events arranged both by year and by topic (for example, «Literature and the Arts,» «War and Armed Conflict»). In addition, each of the five volumes contains a set of nine maps, including ones depicting the «Versailles Settlement,» «The Gulag at Its Zenith,» and «Post-1945 Europe.» The text is complemented by black-and-white illustrations. Additionally, an eight-page section of color plates with a particular theme (for example, «Popular Culture,» «Soviet Union and Communism») is contained in each volume. Finally, volume 5 has a detailed index, which facilitates access to the main text.
(Энциклопедия истории Европы от 1914 г. в 5-ти томах содержит 920 статей в алфавитном порядке, карты, черно-белые и цветные иллюстрации).

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